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    Post  Dukester100 on Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:42 am

    1. Danny220 - Schlob Myknob of Dyestat
    2. kellyshoppach10 - Big Country from Sharp Shooting Hoopsters
    3. Wayniac - Dude disguised as another Dude of Die Feuerstarter
    4. Lbj - master bate from dyestat
    5. Kevin07071994 - Oh Mann from the Studmuffin Baker
    6. Dukester100 - Electrical Ray from Speedsters
    7. Cane__boy - Frank the turtle, Those guys
    8. Mrutgers28 - Carcus Mamby, QQ All Stars
    9. twosph88 - Ramon Sessions from The Studmuffin Bakery
    10. TruBalla3920 - Ric Flair of the Fighting Mongooses
    11. Jdog2313 - Ledley Kingly of The Grave Diggers
    12. dabears2334 - Ultimate Warrior of the Speedsters

    1. dabears2334 - Crazy Sam Strike of the RGM Mavs
    2. Jdog2313 - EJ Feihl of Coup De Grace
    3. TruBalla3920 - Bob Probert of the Outsiders
    4. twosph88 - Tim Jarmusz of the Spider-Pigs
    5. Mrutgers28 - Senor Oceansize of the Ratholers
    6. cane__boy - Morris Vincent of Oklahoma State University
    7. Dukester100 - The Beast of the Spider-Pigs
    8. Kevin07071994 - Michael Ayup of the Ratholers
    9. lbj - Obi Nnaji of Pawtucket Pats
    10. wayniac - Steve mcqueen of dyestat
    11. kellyshoppach10 - ninja penguin of RGM Mavs
    12. Danny220 - porky pig of toon squad

    1. Danny220 - mikey tear of reign makers
    2. kellyshoppach10 - Jochen Hildebrand of Die Feuerstarter
    3. Wayniac - Derek Alleman of Reign Makers
    4. Lbj - Muggsy McNasty of the RGM Mavs
    5. Kevin07071994 - David Robinson of the Mountain Lions
    6. Dukester100 - Nikita Koloff of the Fighting Mongooses
    7. Cane__boy - Lino Pino of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights
    8. Mrutgers28 - Count Dooku of BlazersEdgers
    9. twosph88 - Blake Griffin of the Mountain Lions
    10. TruBalla3920 - Go Ban Way of the The Prolific Penguins
    11. Jdog2313 - Ned Lester of The Tanks
    12. dabears2334 - Matt Sparks of Those Guys

    1. dabears2334 - Richard Sukmiof of Raiding storm
    2. Jdog2313 - Maxx Power of the Premiers
    3. TruBalla3920 - The Professor of the Wizards extreme ballers
    4. twosph88 - Squeeky Kleen of Infinity
    5. Mrutgers28 - Quenton Price of Franchise Underdogs
    6. cane__boy - B.I.G Septic of the The grave diggers
    7. Dukester100 - The Theif of the Melburn Ballers
    8. Kevin07071994 - Michael Gruber of Die Feuerstarter
    9. lbj - Sideshow Greg of tarheels
    10. wayniac - S u p e r M a n of the RGM Mavs
    11. kellyshoppach10 - Joe Kerr from Studmuffin Bakery
    12. Danny220 - samuel swat from Crown This Team

    1. Danny220 - Amir Johnson of the Speedsters
    2. kellyshoppach10 - Chazz-Michael Michaels from Wagga Wagga Wombat Collective
    3. Wayniac - Baddis Maximus of Honolulu LocoMoco
    4. Lbj - Michael Nelson of Manilla Gorilla
    5. Kevin07071994 - Chris Bosh of Spider-Pigs
    6. Dukester100 - QQ Allstar from the QQ All Stars
    7. Cane__boy - Jay Splash of Raiders of the Lost Walrus
    8. Mrutgers28 - Portly Portly Platypus of Wagga Wagga Wombat Collective
    9. twosph88 - Mighty Menehune -of Honolulu LocoMoco
    10. TruBalla3920 - Lick MaBeaver of Raiding Storm
    11. Jdog2313 - Fear the Turtle of Those Guys
    12. dabears2334 - Ashton Micek of the Boston Celtics

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    Post  Renomitsu on Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:43 am

    Here are the draft results in order by user.
    Legend: Shooter (S), Defender (D), Rebounder (R), Passer (A), Wildcard (W)

    a. Danny220
    1. Shlob Myknob, Dyestate Jippersbronfmans (S)
    2. Porky Pig, Toon Squad (A)
    3. Mikey Tear, Rain Makers (D)
    4. Samuel Swat, Crown This Team (W)
    5. Amir Johnson, Speedsters (R)

    b. Kellyshoppach10
    1. Big Country, Sharp Shooting Hoopsters (D)
    2. Ninja Penguin, RGM Mavs (S)
    3. Jochen Hildebrand, Die Feuerstarter (W)
    4. Joe Kerr, The Studmuffin Bakery (R)
    5. Chazz Michael-Michaels, Wagga Wagga Wombat Collective (PG)

    c. Wayniac
    1. Dude disguised as another dude, Die Feuerstarter (S)
    2. Steve McQueen, Dyestat Jippersbronfmans (R)
    3. Derek Alleman, Reign Makers (A)
    4. S u p e r M a n, RGM Mavs (W)
    5. Baddis Maximus, Honolulu LocoMoco (D)

    d. Lbj
    1. Master Bate, Dyestat Jippersbronfmans (A)
    2. Obi Naji, Pawtucket Pats (R)
    3. Muggsy McNasty, RGM Mavs (S)
    4. Sideshow Greg, tarheels (D)
    5. Michael Nelson, Manilla Gorilla (PG)

    e. Kevin07071994
    1. Oh Mann, Studmuffin Bakery (A)
    2. Michael Ayup, Ratholers (S)
    3. David Robinson, Mt. Lions (R)
    4. Michael Gruber, Die Feuerstarter (D)
    5. Chris Bosh, Spider-Pigs (W)

    f. Dukester100 and kriskrosser4
    1. Electrical Ray, Speedsters (A)
    2. The Beast, Spider-Pigs (S)
    3. Nikita Koloff, Fighting Mongooses (R)
    4. The Thief, Melburn Ballers (D)
    5. QQ Allstar, QQ All Stars (W)

    g. Cane__boy
    1. Fear the Turtle, Those Guys (R)
    2. Morris Vincent, Oklahoma State University (S)
    3. Lino Pino, Rutgers Scarlet Knights (A)
    4. B.I.G. Septic, The Grave Diggers (D)
    5. Jay Splash, Raiders of the Lost Walrus (W)

    h. Mrutgers28
    1. Carcus Mamby, QQ All Stars (R)
    2. Senor Oceansize, Ratholers (A)
    3. Count Dooku, BlazersEdgers (S)
    4. Quenton Price, Franchise Underdogs (D)
    5. Portly Portly Platypus, Wagga Wagga Wombat Collective (W)

    i. Twosph88
    1. Ramon Sessions, The Studmuffin Bakery (A)
    2. Tim Jarmusz, Spider-Pigs (S)
    3. Blake Griffin, Mt. Lions (R)
    4. Squeeky Clean, Infinity (D)
    5. Mighty Menehune, Honolulu LocoRoco (W)

    j. Dchan and truballa
    1. Ric Flair, Fighting Mongooses (D)
    2. Bob Probert, Outsiders (A)
    3. Go Ban Way, The Prolific Penguins (R)
    4. The Professor, Wizards Extreme Ballers (S)
    5. Lick MaBeaver, Raiding Storm (W)

    k. Jdog2313
    1. Ledley Kingly, The Grave Diggers (S)
    2. EJ Feihl, Coup De Grace (R)
    3. Ned Lester, The Tanks (D)
    4. Maxx Power, Premiers (A)
    5. Sal Monella, Ratholers (W)

    l. Dabears2334
    1. Ultimate Warrior, Speedsters (D)
    2. Crazy Sam Strike, RGM Mavs (W)
    3. Matt Sparks, Those Guys (S)
    4. Richard Sukmioff, Raiding Storm (A)
    5. Ashton Micek, Boston Celtics (R)

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    Post  caneboy on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:53 pm

    there is a problem. I guess "frank the turtle, of those guys" is really "fear the turtle, of those guys" and thus cant be drafted twice

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    Post  Renomitsu on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:46 pm

    Very well.

    Jdog's player Fear the Turtle of Those Guys will be replaced with Sal Monella, Ratholers (mostly because they average 4 fppg more than Fear the Turtle, but whatevaaaa).

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